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Offering professional home inspection services in the North Puget Sound Region.

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You’re Well on Your Way

There are many reasons people aspire to own a home, but an opportunity for long-term stability is always near the top of the list. Similarly, there are a lot of reasons why home inspectors have chosen their careers, and you want to have the assurance that your inspector is in it for the right reasons. 

At Take Me Home Inspections, we can confidently say that we’re in this line of work for you—because it’s truly a privilege to be in a profession that helps families secure a better future. Our rigorous home inspections are open and honest, bringing previously unknown information to light so that you can be well on your way toward owning a great home.

On Your Own Terms


Our home inspections are not biased in any way—we present factual evidence of a property’s condition so that you’re prepared to take the next step in whichever direction you choose


We’re available when most inspectors aren’t, including weekends and evenings, so you can schedule your home inspection exactly when you need it


If you’re wanting to understand the basics about a home without scheduling a full inspection, we can help—our Home Consultations are a direct walkthrough of a property that will give you a simple overview of the home’s condition

Note: Home Consultations do not include a written report

Convenient Digital Inspection Reports

Within 24 hours of a full home inspection, you can use your HomeGauge login to access a comprehensive digital inspection report. Each inspected area of the home will be clearly labeled, itemized, and summarized so you can quickly learn about the home’s strengths and potential issues you may wish to discuss with the seller before moving forward. Pictures will also be included as necessary to help you understand what a defective component looks like it and how it affects the home.


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