Home Inspector Sean Gould

WA Home Inspector License # 2168

Sean Gould

Licensed Home Inspector

Sean Gould is the owner and inspector of Take Me Home Inspections. Sean aims to facilitate a smoother home-buying process by providing a factual analysis of a home’s condition, making his customers feel right at home by treating them with the respect they deserve. At the end of the day, it’s the prospect of glossing over something crucially important that is most stressful when buying a home—and that’s why Sean is committed to imparting the knowledge you need to invest with total confidence. When he’s not inspecting homes, Sean enjoys spending time with family, fishing, and remodeling his home.

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A Home Inspector Who Values Quality Service

Prior to his career as a professional home inspector, Sean worked extensively in construction and remodeling. The skills he picked up during that time have proven invaluable to the work Sean does today, because in order to accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of a home’s construction, you have to know precisely how it all fits together. Sean founded Take Me Home Inspections so that he could share his knowledge with those in need, providing a quality service that helps homebuyers draw realistic conclusions about an investment’s viability before closing on a transaction.

Helping You Make a Protected Investment


When your home inspection is set to take place, Sean encourages you to be present at the property so that the two of you can discuss his discoveries the moment they’re made—giving you the perfect chance to ask important questions about the home while it’s all there in front of you


For certain issues, such as structural moisture damage and unsafe air quality, visual inspection alone will not suffice—Sean makes up for this by using a moisture meter and carbon monoxide detector whenever necessary at no extra cost


Honesty and integrity are at the heart of dependable service, and Sean takes his time to make sure his customers have received every bit of information an inspection reveals before parting ways

Working With Us

At Take Me Home Inspections, we’ll do everything we can to help you get to where you want to be, providing an in-depth assessment of a home’s condition that will prepare you for being a successful homeowner.

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